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PLEASE NOTE:  The first part of this post is explaining my dental situation and explains why I would enter a contest for dental implants.  The second part explains what happened with this contest. If you would like to skip to what happened regarding the contest, scroll down below the second dotted line.


This is a post I would rather not write but given the circumstances, I feel I have to explain my situation so everyone can understand the totality of my story….thus exposing something that is a very sensitive matter and not something I would tell anyone.

Practicing good dental/oral hygiene does not always mean it will produce healthy teeth and gums. I have had Dental problems my entire life and believe me, it wasn’t because of poor dental hygiene. As a child, I was taken to the dentist on a regular basis for checkups and to address my many dental problems. After becoming an adult, I continued going to the dentist not only for my regular checkups but in order to try to save my teeth.

This is a very painful and sensitive subject for me to discuss. I have spent countless hours in the Dentist, Endodontist, and Oral Surgeon’s chair. I feel like I have spent more hours in a dental chair than any dentist has spent in school! (Kidding) I remember one week very clearly…My husband had to take me to the Oral Surgeon on a Monday morning. I then had to be in the Dentist’s chair that afternoon. I then spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that same week in the Dentist’s chair for several hours each time.

In the end, after years of procedures and thousands of dollars (out of pocket), nothing worked for me. I had to make the decision of whether or not I was going to continue to live in pain….. not being able to eat what I wanted, always taking pain medication with a constant supply of pain relieving gel on hand and a heating pad close to me at all times or just have all my teeth pulled and get the dreaded “D” word (dentures). I chose the latter.

To tell you the truth, I was a little excited to get Dentures.  I thought I would be pain free: no more dentist visits, no more huge dental bills, no more pain meds,  no more heating pads or pain relieving  gel and the best part of all…..I could eat what I wanted!!  Well…..That’s not exactly how it has gone!

I went through all the procedures that needed to be done prior to getting dentures. I was then ready for my surgery. My mother and Step-father came all the way from Kentucky just to be with me, along with my husband. I went in for the surgery on Sept. 21st (the day after my 41st birthday) and I woke up to a total nightmare!

Living with Dentures has been one of the most horrible, embarrassing,  and depressing things I have ever experienced! I feel like I’m in a Hell with no escape! I still can’t eat the things I want due to the fact that adhesives do not work! Believe me, I have tried every brand on the market and about an hour after you apply it, all you have is a gooey mess in your mouth! Also, it is very difficult to eat with dentures because food gets underneath and hurts your gums……That can be very embarrassing especially if you are out  eating in a restaurant. Having dentures also effects my social life and what activities I can partake with my children. Snorkeling is a challenge and riding certain rides at amusement parks is out of the question due to the fear I will lose my dentures.

My husband is very supportive of me but he has never seen me without my dentures and he never will! I don’t even look at myself with them out. I avoid going to the medical doctor as much as possible because of the embarrassment of having the Dr. look at my throat…I don’t want him to see my dentures! Brushing my teeth is very depressing…..nobody should have to remove thier teeth to brush them.  I can’t imagine living like this for the rest of my life…..It’s total Hell!


I enter a lot of Contests/Sweepstakes online. One day last November,  I came across a contest for dental implants. This contest was for Florida residents only and there would be two grand prize winners. The prize was a full set of Dental Implants by Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery (New Teeth Now) located in Lakeland, FL. and it was sponsored by WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando, FL.  They stated the entrants could enter one of two ways: a photo or video. I choose to do a video.

The deadline to enter was Dec.16th. 2013, So I taped my video and submitted it to the contest. Like I said…I enter a lot of contests, I win some and lose a lot. I really didn’t expect to win but I thought I would give it a try. The rules stated the winners would be picked and announced on or around Jan. 15th 2014. I along with many others checked their Facebook page (on the 15th of Jan.) for the announcement.  Jan. 15th came and went with no mention of the winners, so I really thought to myself I didn’t win and I totally forgot about it.

A couple weeks later, I had my new puppy at the vet’s office. My phone rang while I was waiting for the Dr. to come in and I saw it was coming from an Orlando number. When I answered the phone, a man introduced himself as Ted and asked if I was Shanna Bailes. Ted told me he worked for WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando. He went on to say the reason he was calling me was because I had entered a contest for Dental Implants from and WFTV and I was one of the ten finalist! I was very shocked and so excited!! I had forgotten about the contest and had thought the winners were already picked as it stated per their rules.

Ted explained I needed to come to the TV station on Feb 14th, 2014 for a taped interview. Ted did not ask me if I was available to be there on that day, he made it sound as though there were no other options.  So not wanting to “rock the boat” or jeopardize my standing as a finalist, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t even ask if there were any other days available.

I can not describe my level of excitement from learning I was a finalist and I may still have a chance of a lifetime! I immediately called my husband and told him unless the world was coming to an end, I had to be in Orlando on Feb 14th!   I was concerned this may be a problem since my kids would be in school that day and Orlando is about two hours away from me. My daughter has Autism and I will not leave her with anyone except for my husband, mother, or step-dad. I didn’t want my children to miss school, so I had to figure out a way. My mother and step-father were planing on coming from Kentucky for a visit sometime within the next few weeks, so I called them and ask if they could arrive early just to be here with the kids. Everything worked out…I was headed to Orlando.

I was really nervous to do this taped interview but once I arrived at the TV station and met with the man who interviewed me, I felt a little more at ease. It was difficult to sit in front of big lights, a camera, and a stranger  and discuss such a private, sensitive matter …..but I knew I had to do it in order to be considered as a winner.

After the interview, Roger (The man who interviewed me) walked my husband and I out. As he was walking us out of the TV station to the front doors, we chatted. He told my husband and I they just do the interviews on the ten finalist and the Dr’s are the ones who actually choose the two winners.  He also said the two winners would be contacted in two weeks. In my mind, I immediately thought ahead two weeks and knew if I was a winner, I would hear something on or around Feb 28th.

Fast forward to Feb. 27th: My mother and I are out shopping. I noticed on my phone I had missed a phone call. I just about passed out when I saw who it was from: Florida Dental Implants! I quickly called them back. I told them who I was and I was one of the finalists in the contest and I had received a call from them. I was then put on hold for a few minutes. Then a woman named Kathy (marketing coordinator)  came onto the line. She said she needed to get me scheduled to come in to meet the Dr.  (All the while I’m thinking in the back of my mind the two winners were to be contacted on or around Feb. 28th per Roger from WFTV and it was Feb 27th!!! Yay!!!)   She then went on to say, “Oh, and Congratulations!”  She then said, you are one of the two grand prize winners! I said “I won?” and she repeated “yes’ you are one of  the winners!!

I was driving when she told me I won and my mother was seated in the passenger seat hearing the conversation. I literally thought I was going to pass out! I was over the moon excited!!  I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I felt at that moment. I was so happy! After she scheduled me to come in to meet the Dr. she told me I needed to go online and fill out the Patient Registration form.    She said she would email me the link to the form.

After hanging up, I was so excited!!  My mother and I decided to go home from shopping  so I could call my Husband ( he was working out of town) and tell my step-father, and children the awesome news!   I also called other family members and friends. I didn’t post it online because I didn’t want the whole world to know I have dentures….But I did tell people who knew I was in the contest that I had in fact won!

Later that same day, I decided to check for the email so I could fill out the form. Upon opening the Email, I read this:   “I want to apologize for saying you are an actual winner”   and I still needed to come in on March 6th for the consultation.  I still have the email!   OMG….Are you kidding me??? Really?? I was so upset, hurt, devastated…. crushed to the core! How can the Marketing Coordinator tell me I won the Grand Prize and then say sorry I said that…… especially over something so life changing!?! My husband told me to just go to the March 6th appt. and see what they say. He said I bet they probably just want to tell you to your face you are one of the winners. I tried my best to not be upset and to think positive.

So March 5th, I kept my children out of school and traveled, with them in tow, three hours to Lakeland, Florida. My husband couldn’t go with us because he was out of town with clients. I booked a hotel room for the night. I awoke bright and early on Thursday, March 6th and nervously got ready for my Appt.   Once I arrived at the Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery Office, I checked in and waited. They called me back and a lady dressed in a suit took me into the back and performed a cat scan on me. She then took me to a consultation room where she sat and chatted with me while waiting for the Dr. I just sat there but I kept my mouth shut about the whole ordeal…I wanted to see what they would say. No mention of you are a winner or I’m so sorry we made a mistake…nothing.  However, she did inform me they are not the ones who choose the winners.  Hmmmm, Really? Because that’s certainly not what Roger at the TV station told my husband and I. So which is it…who chooses the winners? The Drs. or the TV Station?? Someone is not telling me the correct information.

Finally the Dr. came in to meet me and to look over my cat scan. He said I was able to have the surgery. I just sat there for the most part and didn’t say a word about them telling me on the phone I was one of the two grand prize winners. I just wanted to see what happened with the whole appt. Not much happened….they sent me on my way.

I went home and waited. Then I get an email from Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery!  Below is the Email: (Click on image for larger view)

When I saw this email, I was hurt and upset. I cried the rest of the day. After I went to bed and awoke the next morning …I woke up just right down mad! How can they do someone like that? This is not some silly door prize that someone could just forget about! We are talking about a very emotional  life changing thing and they pulled on my emotions in a huge way ….and that’s OK?? No!  So I emailed them several different times on Facebook and on their Website…No reply. Finally they replied when I decided to write a review on their Facebook wall:

I want to say I am not a sore loser. I enter a lot of contests/Sweepstakes. I win some and lose a lot! Life goes on……But when you are told by the “Marketing Coordinator” you won this huge life changing prize and then for them to say: sorry, that was a mistake…… Yeah, then I’m sore about it! It’s morally wrong for them to do someone in my situation that way! What a roller coaster they put me on!

I’m not the only one mad about the way they have conducted this contest. There have been many posts from entrants asking when the winners would be announced. Everyone was expecting the winners to be notified on or around Jan 15th as stated by them and per their rules (I have copies of everything). Below are just a couple web shots showing their responses to people asking about the winners. Note: they stated the Grand Prize winners would be notified on or around Jan 15th:

Even though they have said the winners have been contacted (in March), they still have yet to announce who the winners are.

They can’t even follow their own rules! Speaking of Rules…..I can’t seem to find the Rules anywhere online for this contest! I can find the rules for the contest they had two years prior but not for this one. I would love to compare the rules I printed when I first entered to the rules now.

Thank you WFTV Channel 9 and Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery for putting me through so much emotional distress! After you told me I won the grand prize, I was (in my mind) out of my nightmare……but you managed to knock me right back into my nightmare on a much larger scale and you seem to have no remorse for what you have done. Shame on you!

You can see my review I wrote on their page HERE

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16 Responses to “Congratulations! You’re a Grand Prize Winner….Not! #WFTV #NewTeethNow”

  • 1
    Kathleen Marler says:

    What a horrific emotional nightmare they have put you through! I can’t believe a company would do that to someone dreams and hopes. I hope they rethink what they have done and come to the right decision, and announce that you will get the implants – and that you will then be pain free!

  • 2
    Phyllis Dolen says:

    I think this is terrible. They should be held accountable for their actions and the winners should be announced. They told you that you won and they should stick to their word.I think it was a publicity stunt and they really didn’t give the prize away to anybody. This should be looked into and I would make sure it is. I don’t know who you would call, but maybe an attorney could tell you!

  • 3
    Sue Best says:

    I think it’s a shame! Call the BBB and the attorney generals office! I hope you get some kind of resolution! Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the public. I wouldn’t want to do business this shady.

  • 4
    Robin says:

    This is crazy! Why go to all the trouble on the part of the TV Station and the Dentist’s office. What a shame. I don’t think I would trust them to do the work at this point. Can you report them to the BBB?

  • 5
    Tammy Richards says:

    I hope that this is straightened out. It is terrible to think that you have won a prize when in all reality you hadn’t. Any reputable company would accept responsibility for their actions and make things right.

  • 6
    Monique DePope says:

    Shanna, I am so sorry this happened to you.

  • 7
    Lauralee Hensley says:

    I feel horrible for you. I wonder if you contact the people who made your dentures if they could re-line them for you. When my mom got all her teeth pulled, the denture company recommended she wait six months before getting her dentures made to allow the jaw bones and ridge to shrink as they often do over time when all the teeth are pulled at once. They did take a form of her teeth before they were pulled, but had her come back after the six months to take a form of the ridge bone where the dentures both upper and lower would sit. They said if they’d made the dentures sooner and her bones ridge right after the teeth had been pulled that by six months out they’d be loose and would likely have to be re-lined to make them smaller due to shrinkage. They said some people won’t wait, because they don’t like eating pureed foods and drinking stuff like Ensure those six months, but they recommended it. So, maybe in your case they need re-lined by the company that made the dentures so they’ll fit snugger. Doesn’t mean you may not still need a denture adhesive, ask them for recommendations. They do have some on the market now that are not paste, but a sea bond paper type product I believe that when wet my your own saliva helps to seal them down tight. I hope the company that actually made the dentures can help you. If not, you might need a new pair to be made if at least six months has gone by and the bone ridge is done shrinking post removal of the teeth. God Bless. Prayers for a resolution to your need.

  • 8
    Dana says:

    What concerns me is in all their responses they use the verbiage “potential” Grand Prize Winners!! What does this mean?? A legitimate contest has winners!! Not potential winners! This does not absolve them of granting a prize by using the term potential!

    I firmly believe this company should be investigated be the Attorney Generals Office! After reading your story, it sounds like they were simply trying to drum up business for their office by taking advantage of the need of the contestants!!!

    Please contact your local Attorney General to see if they can provide assistance. As a Florida resident, I will spread this story far and wide, so that everyone knows this company obviously does not engage in ethical practices.

  • 9
    Tammi Wolaver Laney says:

    I am sorry this happened to you.It sounds like this company is a scam and didn’t award anyone in the contest.I would be getting a lawyer,especially since they told you that you was the winner.

  • 10
    Connie Kmiec says:

    Totally uncompassionate for a medical field company to do this to you Shanna, and not to respond to you is totally uncaring. Shame on Florida Dental Implants & Oral Surgery!

  • 11
    Meg Tucker says:

    What they have put you through is horrible! I am praying they show some morals and especially since they are Dr.s !!

  • 12
    Dusan says:

    This is just such bad PR on their part and not right. Have you tried contacting the Feds? Contests are regulated by both your state’s attorney general and also the feds. Start with your state’s AG and work your way up.

  • 13
    richelle leffler says:

    that is really messed up if they said you were a winner at first they should give u something that is wrong

  • 14
    Jessi says:

    This is so wrong of this group of “professional doctors” to do such a thing! !! They really need to make good on their “lipstick” promises. They called you and said you won, so what is the problem? ?? Oh yeah, they were wrong. .. WRONG INDEED to play with your emotions like that….report them…get a lawyer. ..BETTER YET ……m


  • 15
    Brigitte says:

    This is horrible! I’m sorry you had to deal with such unprofessionalism.

  • 16

    [...] This is just a shorter version  in regard to my very long post: Congratulations! You’re a Grand Prize Winner!….NOT! [...]

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