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This is just a shorter version  in regard to my very long post: Congratulations! You’re a Grand Prize Winner!….NOT!

I had to get dentures at age 41. It has been horrible!

Nov. 2013…Saw a contest on Facebook for a full set of Dental Implants for Florida Residents only from Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery.

Dec. 2013…Submitted a video to the contest before the deadline.

Jan. 15th 2014: The two grand prize winners were supposed to be notified on or around Jan. 15th. I didn’t hear anything, so I took it as I didn’t win and forgot about the contest.

Early Feb. 2014: I receive a call from “Ted” at WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando. Ted explained to me I was a finilalist in the New Teeth Now contest and that I needed to come into the station on Feb. 14 to do a taped interview.

Feb. 14th 2014: My husband and I go to WFTV in Orlando. I do a taped interview with “Roger”. After the interview, as Roger was walking my husband and I out to the front door, he told us that the two winners would be contacted in two weeks.

Feb 27th, 2014:  Right at the two week time period that Roger(from WFTV) said the two winners would be called, I got a phone call  from Florida Dental implants and Oral Surgery! I had missed the call, so seeing who it was and knowing the winners were supposed to be called….(I was so excited) I immediately called them back.

When I called the office back, I told them my name and I was a finalist in the contest. I then told them someone had tried to call me but I missed the call and I was just calling them back.They put me on hold.

A woman (Who I now know is Kathy Sloan) came to the phone. She said she needed to schedule me to come into the office to meet the Dr. and she said “Congratulations…..You are one of  two Grand Prize Winners”  Kathy scheduled me to come to the office on March 6th.  Kathy told me congratulations again before getting off the phone.I was so excited!!!! (My mother was in the car with me and heard the whole thing) ……..Knowing that Roger from WFTV said the two winners would be contacted in two weeks and it was right at the two week time period when Kathy was telling me I was one of the winners….Why would I question it? I didn’t Question it…..I was just super excited!  I went home and told my husband and several other people I had won!!

Later that day, I got on the computer to see if Kathy had e-mailed me the link to the patient registration she said she would send me. I saw the Email and opened it to fill out the form. This is what I saw (Click on the picture for a larger view):

Are you freaking kidding me….Really????? First of all, how in the heck am I supposed to know you were taking my call third party?? I told them who I was when I called! I didn’t ask for you……. you are the one who came to the line and told me “Congratulations!” Why would I question that?

I was so upset…how could they do something like that? My husband  said there is no way he would ever tell one of his clients something if it wasn’t true.  He told me to go on to meet the Dr. and see what happens.

I travel three hours to Lakeland, had a cat scan, met with the Dr. and Nothing…..Sent me on my way.

I go home and wait. I then get this email (Click for larger view):

They knew they had to pick two winners and knowing they had already told me I won, they could have still chosen me as one of the winners… but no, they didn’t care what they did to me or what they have put me through. Instead, they send me the above email thanking me for entering and stating the two winners have been contacted.

WOW! Really?? This is not some door prize that is easily forgotten about and when you told me I won and then recanted…That was your fault…not mine! But I’m the one who has to suffer for it. All I can say is I believe in Karma!

Yeah, I’m mad. I did everything right in this contest but I have to suffer from your mistake!

If you want the long, more detailed story….Go HERE


4 Responses to “Long Story Shorter @NewTeethNow @WFTV”

  • 1
    Sheila Ingram England says:

    So sorry Shanna for what they have put you through. This is so unprofessional and so wrong! You should contact a lawyer.

  • 2
    Jenny Ham says:

    Sorry things like this happen hopefully something better will come from all this.

  • 3
    Tammie Wertman says:

    what a rotten deal! So sorry!

  • 4
    Angie Bailey says:

    What I don’t get is why they’d have all the finalists come to the office for a CT scan and to meet with the doctor…and you had to travel 3 hours…for nothing. This sucks and I hope it works out for you in the end. If I was you I wouldn’t want the implants from them at this point. If they have been this negligent so far, the work they do is probably no better.

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